Pacific Island

All our pacific island menus include the following:

* Staffing

* Buffet tables, table clothes, chaffing dishes

* Disposable Plates,Cutlery, serviettes, etc.

Pacific Island Menu

From the Carvery:

Roasted Pork 

Served with Gravy

(Talk to us about providing whole spit roasted PIG's)


Sweet and Sour Chicken

Beef Chop Suey

Fried Rice with Vegetables and Egg

Taro in Coconut Cream

Honey Soy Chicken Pieces

NZ Half Shell Mussels in Coconut Cream

Steamed Green Banana in Coconut Cream

Chilled Selection:

Surimi Salad

Raw Fish in Coconut Cream

Potato & Egg Salad

Hawaiian Coleslaw

Assorted Fresh Bread Rolls    and Butter Packs

Price: $40.00 per person

(Pricing based on 100 Guests or more)


Dessert:   $6.00     per person

Fresh Fruit Salad

Ice Cream

Banana Cake with Chocolate Icing

Berry Jelly

Chocolate Cake

Non Alcoholic Cold Drinks:   $3.00   per person

Teas & Coffee:   $3.00    per person

Silver service for the top table -  Negotiable

Upgrade to Real Plates:   $3.00    per person

*At a Hall or Private Residence of your Choice, Prices may change depending on Conditions of the function centre

Like to add something else?

Please let us know, and we will gladly price it for you

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